Falling in Love With a Player

I fell in love with you and then you broke my heart,
I knew never to love a player,
I was wrong from the start...
Loving you was like ripping out my heart.
I refused to look around me and see
all the terrible things you were doing to me,
I was in my own world and I didn't see all the trouble you were,
I was deeply in love.
Now that's all ruined, you see,
All because you played me,
You had looks, you had charm,
You were slick with your words,
You knew just what to say.
I was foolish to think we were made for each other,
I always prayed you would never love another,
I wanted us to always be with each other.
Loving a player is one of the hardest things ever,
I have learned a lot from my experiences with you,
My heart was broken into two.
I know now, as I look back on my past,
Dating a player will never last,
So, in my future I'll watch what I do,
I won't date anymore players,
But I'll still always love you.

Lindsey Nicole Milke


Anonymous said...

I think you and I dated the same guy! Described my feelings exactly! :(

Anonymous said... a player will just end in tears. You hope in the back of your mind they will change. You will be the one to change them. Your only fooling yourself the heartaches and try to move.

Anonymous said...

there not worth it...weve all been there!

paige said...

yea... that poem represented all my feelings towards my ex but idk what too do if i still love thee player?!?!?! its confusing on what to do .. ughh

Anonymous said...

My ex bf dated me, my best friend, and two more girls in two weeks. He told all of us he loved us, we were the only one for him, and he would always be there for us. He is now alone because no One will date him, despite his good looks, charm, and charisma. Winners never cheat, and cheaters never win. I know how you feel !

Juan H said...

This girl broke my heart twice. My life felt like it was over. But God picked me up and restored me.It's over for good, but I will always love her